Rules & Regulations
  1. All candidates for admission to the College must acquaint themselves with the rules and regulations of the College. They will be bound by these, if admitted.
  2. Students are requested to display their Identity Cards while they are on the campus. The Identity Card must be produced whenever demanded by the Principal or other competent authority.
  3. Every student shall attend classes regularly and punctually. Any student absent from classes consecutively for two days or more shall report the same to the staff member in charge of attendance.
  4. The conduct of students on the College campus and in hostels should conform to the highest standards of courtesy, decency and dignity. Students are expected to maintain the noble traditions of the College in discipline and to respect the staff as well as visitors.
  5. Students should occupy their seats in their respective class rooms immediately after the second bell.
  6. Students whose classes are free are not allowed to loiter on the verandah or crowd on the premises.
  7. Students are expected to co-operate in keeping the college building and the campus neat and tidy. Writing or making marks on the walls or furniture is strictly prohibited.
  8. Prior permission of the Principal is necessary for:Organising or attending special meetings, entertainments or social functions in the College or in the hostel or on its premises. Using loud speakers, megaphones etc., in the College or on its premises. Inviting persons who are not members of the teaching staff of the College for any function in the College or in the hostels. Collection of subscription of any kind from the students or members of the staff. Putting up any notice board in the College or elsewhere on its premises.
  9. Notices signed or countersigned by the Principal and published on the College notice board shall be considered as having been brought to the attention of the students and the staff.
  10. The use of alcohol, drugs or tobacco in any form is forbidden on the College premises.
  11. Any student suspended from the College shall not come to the College or its premises during the period of suspension except with the permission of the Principal.
  12. Students are forbidden from engaging in any activity which would interfere with the work and life of the College.
  13. The authority of the Principal in matters of discipline extends to the conduct of students outside the College.
  14. As per the Government orders, students are not permitted to use mobile phones on the campus.
  15. As per the directions of the Director of Technical Education, An Antiragging cell is functioning in the college. Ragging is strictly prohibited in the campus.
  16. Students should park their vehicles only in the allotted parking area.
  17. Campus should be kept clean and tidy. Students should dispose waste materials in the bins provided.